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Do you know a cyclist called Danny that loves Star Wars – have a free jersey

You guys know that the one thing we love more than cycling (and our family) is Star Wars in fact we love it so much that we even have a pinterest board called Star Wars Bike.

Well you can guess how excited we were to receive our Stormtrooper cycling jersey in the post today from the guys at Airo Sportswear.  There is only one small problem with it, they printed the name Danny on it…who the feck is Danny (70’s UK pop reference…sorry US chums). We are sure it’s a nice name but no-one here at the mothership (shed) has that name or knows anyone called Danny.

So if you know someone called Danny who loves cycling and star wars and who is a medium (in clothes size – not that they can communicate with the deceased) they can have it.  All you have to do is mail us on (we will sort a better mail addy soon) and we will choose a worthy recipient. (be surprised if we get more than one request).

If you get your skates on you might actually get it in time for Christmas.

You can see the jersey in all it’s glory below.

Danny Full

Those are stormtrooper socks too

Remember when it comes to printing mistakes Two Wheels are Better.

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