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Specialised Red Shoe

Ribble Cycles and Rutland Cycles – TwoDealsBetter

We know the name TwoDealsBetter sucks as a thing but it perfectly describes what we are tring to do.  Every week you guys send us loads of links to great deals, vouchers and discount offers from your local cycling retailers and every week we think, that’s nice but don’t really do much with them.

Enter TwoDealsBetter, where we will pick what looks like the two strongest cycling deals, vouchers and/or discount offers from the pile that we have been sent for you to share with your riding mates.

There are no rules and you can send us any deal that you like but it will only be listed on TwoDealsBetter (I like the sound of it more every time I read it) if we think it is a genuinely good deal.

This weeks winning entries can be best grouped by the letter R and are generally clearance deals.

Rutland Cycles 70% off all this stuff 


Rutland Cycling Sale

A lot of cheap womens kit here.

There seem to be a lot of great bargains here if you are stocking up your clothing kit bag, if you are a female cyclist or are buying for one then there are bargains galore.  We feel a little sad that so much womens kit is in the sale, is it because they are not buying or because they are just not buying this kit.

Our Best Bargain;

Specialised S-Works 6 Road Shoe (was £279.99) now £83.99

Specialised Red Shoe

You can have any colour as long as its red and size 5


If you didn’t find what you were looking for there then the second of our deals (it is called TwoDeals Better) may be more up your alley;

Ribble Cycles – up to 41% off all this stuff


Ribble Cycles Two Deals Better

Can you spot the bigger bargain

The guys from Ribble have mainly given you a big bucket of components to trawl through, some have great discounts and others not so good.  It’s basically like the digital equivalent of shopping at TKMAXX.

We are not going to tell you what their best offer is as you will have to find it yourself, we did find one product at 47% discount (clue – you are not going to find it just sitting there).

So if you find any better deals out there (especially in your local bike shop) then send it over and you might make it into next weeks round up of great cycling deals, vouchers and discount codes.

You can email your deals to –


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