For the love of bikes!

rims and nuts pic

Rims and nuts now in all the colours of the rainbow

You guys probably saw that last week we launched a little store for TwoWheelsBetter.  Nothing too ostentatious just a few t-shirts to start with.  We are going to keep popping up a few designs until you guys tell us which ones you really like and then we will start making decals and mugs and all that other shiz.

So far this is our favourite and as such it will be the first design that we are planning to make in mutliple colours.  They are all under £20 but we picked the highest quality t-shirt we could find.  You can also get them for both men and ladies (there is no pink).

What do you guys think?

Rims and Nuts and……£19.99

rims sleeve rims red rims red women rims purple rims orange rims green rims brown rims black rims and nip

Let us know what you think in the comments below and remember that Two Wheels are Better.

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