For the love of bikes!

Which of these cycling shirts would you wear?

As our search for the best casual cycling shirts continues, we have decided to pitch the creative skills of our very own Oli into the mix.  He has pulled together a few test designs for you guys to choose from and we would love your feedback on which you would wear.

As we believe in gender equality every shirt is available in both his and her cuts, we all have our own favourites (but we are not telling you which) suffice to say that whichever shirt sells the least will have the loser buying a lot of beer.

Just so you know we make about £2 from each shirt sold and all of that is invested in keeping the site running and if there is any left over some more cool shirt designs.

You can find all of the shirts at our store here


Fun for the pub not so much for your mum’s house

tpic 77

It comes in other colours (McC loves the brown though)


All the tee’s come in this laydee’s cut too.

linkin tee

Supporting cycling and copyright infringement

pic t3

You’ll all recognise this logo by now

twp 48

A slightly more flattering cut for skinny types (like DA)

Remember that you can find all of the shirts here.

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