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Bothy nights on a mountain bike – yes please

This is our inspiration for 2016 and Alistair Humphries is our new spiritual guru.  This beautiful video shows his journey around Scotland using the Bothy network that is dotted around Scotland (and also the North of England & Wales) it makes us want to try one of these adventures.

Don’t get us wrong we love riding trail centres but sometimes it would just be nice to get away from it all and as Alastair says in the video…the only thing stopping you…is you!

Bothy’s are maintained largely by the users but there is an organisation called the MBA that look after them and have a map of where they are located.  Bothy’s have no booking systems or rules but there is a code;

The Bothy Code

Respect Other Users

Please leave the bothy clean and tidy with dry kindling for the next visitors. Make other visitors welcome. If they are not MBA members set a good example.

Respect the Bothy

Tell us about any accidental damage. Don’t leave graffiti or vandalise the bothy. Please take out all rubbish which you can’t burn. Avoid burying rubbish; this pollutes the environment. Please don’t leave perishable food as this attracts vermin. Guard against fire risk and ensure the fire is out before you leave. Make sure the doors and windows are properly closed when you leave.

Respect the Surroundings

If there is no toilet at the bothy please bury human waste out of sight. Use the spade provided, keep well away from the water supply and never use the vicinity of the bothy as a toilet.
Never cut live wood or damage estate property. Use fuel sparingly.

Here are some stills from the video for all you data savers…


Mountain bike to a bothy

Where did the trail go?

Where did the trail go?


#microadventure essential – a cuppa

cliff bothy

Can you spot the bothy

Where else would you rather be

Where else would you rather be

sea pic

needs no words

bothy 2

love the digs

bothy 3

end is in sight

Keep your eyes peeled on the site as McC blogs about his year of bicycle #microadventures, Remember that Two Wheels are Better.

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