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John Deere Fatbike

John Deere Fat Bike

So recently McC had to sell his beloved motorbike (new addition to the family) and he has had to decide between motorcycle or fat bike.  Well with this John Deere tribute fatbike / motorbike we may have found a solution to his problem.

In the UK we generally call these things mo-peds (pedal motorcycle) but never has a moped looked as cool as this tractor themed beast.

John Deere Fat Bike – specs

John Deere Fat Tire Motorized Motorbike

This is a tribute bike, was not made by John Deere.

Features 80cc engine with pull start, you can also start it by pedaling it.

It has an automatic clutch which allows you to stop without activating the hand clutch to keep it running.

Custom exhaust, vintage JD seat, 3-tine cultivator, that is easily removable.

We would ask you wether you think it is hot or not but we don’t care as we think it is super hot.

You can find the original listing here.

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  • I would ride that. liked and shared

    Millie Mercado 11th May 2016 9:54 pm
  • I love the bike I love john Deere stuff

    Marie Jones 6th May 2016 5:42 pm