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Jason McRoy’s Specialized FSR

Own a slice of mountain bike history – Jason McRoy’s Specialized FSR for sale on eBay

This is an incredibly rare chance to own a little bit of mountain bike history. It’s the actual Specialized FSR that legendary Jason McRoy raced at Mammoth Mountain in 1995. Sadly, Jason passed away in a motorcycle accident in the same year, a life taken too early. One can only imagine was success he would have gone on to enjoy if he was still around today.

Jason McRoy’s Specialized FSR

Jason McRoy’s Specialized FSR

You can view the eBay listing here. There are two days to go and the current highest bid is £2,300, but we fully expect that to rise a lot more

Who was Jason?

If you’re a younger reader, you might not be aware of Jason McRoy. Well he was one of the first British mountain bikers to breakthrough into the international downhill racing scene, and made his break at Mammoth Mountain, where racers would hurtle down the mountain on bikes with very little suspension and lacklustre brakes, wearing very little padding or protective armour. His performance was enough to pick up a sponsorship deal with Specialized.

This was a time when the sport was in its infancy and technology was going through a rapid evolution.  This bike is like a time capsule, a reminder of how mountain bikes used to look and it shows just how far the bikes have evolved since those heady days of the sport.

You can read more about Jason and his background here.

And here are some nice tributes to Jason 

About the bike

Jason McRoy’s Specialized FSR

Jason McRoy’s Specialized FSR

Specialized was one of the early pioneers of full-suspension mountain bikes and this FSR was based on a steel frame with an early version of its four-bar FSR suspension. Modern Specialized mountain bikes still use fundamentally the same suspension system, a four-bar, but are packaged very differently to this bike.

The details are astounding. It has a 71-degree head angle, super steep by today’s standards, with 80mm of suspension from the RockShox fork and a little bit less from the Fox rear shock. No disc brakes, instead it’s old fashioned cantilever brakes. And there’s an Azonic riser handlebar – many young mountain bikers lusted over this handlebar during the 1990s.

Here’s a nice video by the GMBN guys with a closer look at Jason’s bike.


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