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Real rider videos – Brechfa Forrest

We have decided to combat the onslaught of perfectly filmed and edited videos (mainly from RedBull and G-shock) by creating a new feature on the site, Real Rider Videos.

That’s right in partnership with our sister site MoreDirt we are going to start posting videos from real riders at real trail centres.  We love seeing other real people riding trails and it gives us an idea of how it really feels.  Don’t get us wrong we love slick videos and it’s great that these advertisers are paying for them but it doesn’t make us want to buy a pricey watch or scoff down RedBull (we’ll stick to beer, whisky and bacon butties).

However if some of these brands got behind supporting grass roots mountain biking and building more riding spots then we would be more interested.

The first (above) is from Dan Philips and is of him riding the table tops at Brechfa Trail Centre in South Wales.

Brechfa Trail Centre

Where is Brechfa?

If you want to have your video featured then simply upload it to the MoreDirt site and tag the trail or riding spot where you filmed it.  If we like it then we will feature it in one of these posts and you never know you may become a youtube sensation, if you don’t then at least you know that we appreciate you.


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