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UK drift trikes in Cheddar Gorge

At last we have seen a cool drift trike video from the UK…Cheddar Gorge in Somerset in fact.

This video was taken by the Cheddar Drift Trikes group on youtube and we hope to see loads more.  There has even been chat in the local paper about an annual closed road drift triking event at this location.

We know that some of you guys may be of the road persuasion and see hills as beautiful objects to be climbed and conquered and to inflict pain on yourself for hours on end.

We reckon hills are there to let gravity help you get some speed without the worry of splattering into the ground (you might smash into a few tree’s or dykes though).

We will keep our eyes peeled and if there are any more drift triking events coming up then we will let you know, if you guys find out first drop us a line at all the usual places.


Cheddar gore elevation map

From left to right (agony) from right to left ecstacy

However you feel about hills wether you are a climber or a descender, remember…..Just Ride!

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