For the love of bikes!

You don’t need working legs to shred a downhill

We are going to start this off by mentioning that the title is a quote (not our words), but this gravity racer video from Stacey Kohut shows the skill and speed that is required to get one of these babies downhill at pace.

Stacey had a fall in 1992 that left him paralysed and he went on from that to become the first Canadian to win a Gold medal and World Championship on a sit ski.  That wasn’t enough for him and by 1999 he had secured himself his first gravity bike ride in a DH-1 built by Bill Grove.

Ultimately his wish is to see gravity bike racers and downhillers side by side at the same events and judging by this video there is no reason that shouldn’t happen.

If you want to know more there is a great interview on the RoughRiderz website.

Now if this has inspired you, stop worrying about all the reasons not to ride…..get out of your home and….Just Ride!

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