For the love of bikes!

2 Fat 2 Furious a fatbike freeride film

This is manna from heaven for McC.  He is salivating over “2 Fat 2 Furious – a fatbike freeride film”.

It has everything that we haven’t had in our (sucky) winter in the UK.

  • Fatbike riding weather – check
  • Snow – check
  • Powder feckin snow at that – check
  • Snowmobile uplifts – check

There are some nice touches and we especially love it when Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, and Noah Brousseau play rock paper scissors to decide who get’s to bomb downhill first on the virgin powder slopes.

It’s also always nice when they leave their bails in there too (pretty sure flipping over the bars in to powder snow is a bit softer than their usual landings though)

Now we will head off back to the muddy slop of Western Wiltshire…..Take me home, muddy roads, to the place, where I belong!!!!

Is the Shand Tumshie the ultimate boutique fatbike?

Here is the usual info from the youtube description;

Bike: Rocky Mountain Blizzard —

Shot at the Coquihalla Lakes Lodge, Kamloops Bike Ranch, and Coastal Mountains, BC
Filmed & Edited by Liam Mullany
Additional Cinematography by Harrison Mendel
Produced by Liam Mullany & Brian Park
Special Thanks to Cory Leclerc & Eric Simmons
Music: Jet Trash — Baby C’mon



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