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Battle Mountain – A Graeme Obree Story – Screening Now

You all love bikes so we know that you know about Graeme Obree – The Flying Scotsman.  We were lucky to meet him once and he actually comes from a place about 15 miles from where McC grew up (if indeed he ever grew up).

His story didn’t end with him taking the hour record and kicking Chris Boardmans ass because like he says in this trailer.

If you’re a tiger, you might be a slightly ageing tiger, but you are still a tiger!

This documentary charts Graeme’s attempt to brake the Human Powered Vehicle Land Speed Record on a bike he built in his kitchen (This one is called The Beastie).

The movie is screening throughout the UK during the month of April 2016 and you can find the dates here.

We will probably be at the Bath screening so if you are going there then drop us a line, after we have seen the movie we might pop a review up for you but it will be biased as Graeme is one of our personal heroes.

If you go to see Battle Mountain – A Graeme Obree Story then why don’t you tell us what you think and we might publish your review instead.



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