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Bike Park Wales – 4 seasons of great riding

Bike Park Wales is the UK’s first, and some would say best, full scale bike park.  It was built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers and took the team, an amazing, 5 painstaking years to create.

The bike park is built just outside Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, UK.  In fact they are built in a spot known as Gethin Woods on the side of Myndd Gethin a Welsh mountain at over 491m in height (that is pretty big by UK standards).

This video was taken over 12 months, four seasons, and shows that the venue is a year round riding destination.  Now that we have worked out that bike park wales is only 90 minutes drive from the mother ship (shed) we have decided to add it to McC and Bodders must rides for 2017. (more about this later)

Below you can see a grab of each of the season title screens and the riders who are featured, we usually take some grabs of the video for you data savers but to be honest if you are moaning about the cost of data to watch great MTB videos then you are probably not the target market.



Wetter than an otters pocket (usually)



Stacked trails and a lot of on your left mate


Winter Bike Park Wales

Baby it’s cold outside



McC’s favourite time of year

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