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British Downhill Series 2016 Ae Forrest – Mudfest

If you guys are regular watchers of the British Downhill Series then this video from our mates at Team Wideopen will not surprise you.

If however you are more used to watching the world championships and some of those groovy urban downhill races then you may be a little shocked at the conditions in the championship rather than premiership level of racing.

We believe that these guys are the real heroes though as many of them still have day jobs and work hard to scrape together enough cash to compete at the weekend.

So British Downhill Series 2016 racers at Ae Forrest (and all other grassroots events) we salute you.

Keep up the great work and we will keep sharing your efforts.  We also salute the guys at Wideopen who we know work very hard to keep the team going for little more reward than the love of the sport.

If you fancy riding this trail then you can find out more by reading the trail review on MoreDirt.

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