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Danny MacAskill – Aviemore Spring

Looks like Danny MacAskill is back to his best.  His latest video Aviemore Spring shows everything we love about Danny riding amazing lines in some real world locations.

We have been to Aviemore a lot (usually to drink or ski – sometimes both) and it always looks this sunny, so why don’t more people go there.

The town actually looks like it was specifically set up with loads of boulders and lines specifically for Danny but that probably has more to do with his riding than anything else.

Our personal favourite is when he is riding along the rail outside the local police station (where McC spent an embarrassing night a long time ago), we wonder what the local rozzers thought of that.


Aviemore constabulary

Ah we know this police station well!

If you haven’t seen Danny MacAskill ride before (where have you been) why not watch some of these below;

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