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Fat Bike World Championships 2017

What more do you need to know, it’s the Fat Bike World Championships 2017….baby!!!

The event was held in Crested Butte (hahahahahaha you said Butt) Colorado in the US of A.  The event ran over and entire weekend and consisted of;

  • Fun Race on the Thursday
  • Demo Day on the Friday
  • Worlds Race on Saturday
  • Special secret event with downhill access on Sunday

You can see the downhill access event about half way through the video and it look as cool as penguin piss.  We love these kind of event as they look like the kind of stuff that the average schmo (like McC) rides with our mates.

We found this video on which is one of our favourite sites.

Remember that you can also find out about the UK FatBike Championships here.


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