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Fatbike on a velodrome

The question is quite simple….wtf has McC been for the last few weeks and the answer is even simpler.  He has been dealing with parenthood and trying to ensure that little McC junior is fed and all that shiz.

In the quiet moments (there have been very few) between feeds and nappy changes he has still been pondering the most important cycling questions and finding….well not very many answers.  The latest is;

Can you ride a fatbike on a velodrome?

Why would you want to some might ask, but they are not the kind of people we like to associate with.

We think the video above answers the question from a winter perspective but the question still remains for indoor velodromes.

Also why isn’t fatbike racing an olympic sport?

If you have any videos of someone riding a fatbike in a velodrome then please share them with us and we will post them up here.

Failing that if GoOutdoors every actually send McC a Calibre Dune to properly test, we might try and sneak it onto the velodrome in Newport.

Surely someone must have ridden a fatbike around this place; (forward to 2’40”)

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