For the love of bikes!

Fatbike on an electric fence

Usually we try and write something a little bit interesting here to give you some more background on why we are sharing the video and how the video was made but in this case we think that simply the words fat bike on an electric fence tell you the whole story.

How it got there we can only guess and we were pretty sure that at 3 mins and 45 seconds that this was going to stop being funny after 30 of those…..but it didn’t.

Comedy things to look out for;

  • When the sticks break
  • When the little fella falls into the electric fence
  • When one says “It’s alright mate, it’s only a little bit live”
  • The roadies in the background who don’t stop to help…or at least take pictures

So officially Big DT and your two mates we give you the TwoWheelsBetter Chuckle Brothers seal of approval.


chuckle brothers bike

You probably wont understand this if you are not from the UK

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