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Mountain bike plus bobsleigh track = braaaaaappppppp

We (McC) makes no secret of the fact that we also love motorcycles so when a friend posted us the link to this video from the lovely people at Mountain Bike Extreme we were simply overcome with emotion.

We have now taken to running around the mothership (shed) with our motorcycle helmet on screaming BRRAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP which makes everyone else very angry (surprise).  We are also looking for a local disused bobsleigh track in the UK (if you know of one post the link below).

The rider in this video is Richard Gasperotti and the track is in the Czech Republic, near a little town called Klasterec nad Ohri in the Ore mountains.

The guys told us a little bit more about the venue here;

The track is 1007m long, has 8 curves, 2 long straights, and was built in 1975. After the Velvet revolution in 1989 the track has become overgrown with a forest cover. The color of concrete has turned moss green. Some bumps and damaged parts haven’t withstood the ravages of time. Nowadays the track is being preserved for a Czech Olympian and his summer luge training. However, it is also a drug addicts’ meeting spot and local weirdos like rambling around neighbouring forests, which is the place where no one wants to stay overnight. When we saw this spot for the first time it seemed crazy, just…K!LL H!LL

Now get out there and do some Bob-sledding MTB


Remember Two Wheels are Better

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