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Rob Warner and Claudio Caluori

Rob Warner and Claudio Caluori are fit for what?

Rob Warner and Claudio Caluori are a match made in commentating heaven. One is a multiple Swiss champion and current factory team owner/manager and the other is… erm…well he is Rob Warner.

We are not sure how the guys spent their off season but we guess it wasn’t training as hard as the riders.  So in a bid to make the live coverage of the 2016 race season the best it has ever been, the duo met up in Austria to push themselves mentally and physically to the very limit. And, in Rob’s case, to get a haircut.

Tune in to Red Bull Bike again tomorrow, April 5, for part two of Rob and Claudio’s World Cup bootcamp.

Don’t forget that you can watch all the live action from the UCI World Cup in Lourdes right here on April 10.

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