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Santa Cruz Syndicate – Blooper Reel

What have you guys been doing this weekend……seriously!! (Anyone would think you have been out riding your bikes)

When we found this blooper reel from the recent Santa Cruz Syndicate team announce video it was only on 31,000 views and it is as funny as hell so lets see if you can get it a little higher wheelers.  After all there are over 120,000 of you on our facebook page alone.

The video was shot to announce the lineup of the all new Santa Cruz Syndicate team, which still looks like the most fun team in downhill racing.  For you data savers we have included a few grabs below.

syndicate blooper video 1

Hey macarena….aaaiiigght!

syndicate blooper video 2

It’s all about nutrition boys

syndicate blooper video 3

Have you ever had a baguette shoved up your ….

For those of you who missed it we have also included the actual roster announce here. Our favourite bit is the nice little came from Danny MacAskil towards the end

Who do you reckon is going to be the most successful team this year?


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