For the love of bikes!

The swing bike will blow your mind

Ok so that statement is a little strong but we certainly think it looks like a lot of fun and crazier than a box of frogs on speed (don’t do speed kids).

This video from Seth’s Bike Hacks is pretty cool and we are now looking around to see if we can pick one up (ebay).  We could write loads of cools stuff about it but we will instead quote Seth who seems to have done a pretty good job on his YouTube Channel.

The swing bike takes a little practice to mount, but it’s surprisingly easy to ride once you get going. Just twist your body a little and the rear wheel kicks out, almost like drifting but without losing traction. Although the bike is a little heavy, it’s pretty easy to pedal on flat terrain. Do one mean gangster lean around a turn and you won’t want to put this bike down. It’s really addictive to ride.

Besides the frame itself, finding replacement parts for the swing bike is easy. The pivoting rear uses the same headset bearings as the front. The rest of it is made up of beach cruiser parts that can be obtained anywhere. Swing bike frames can be found on eBay, and there are even complete models available with three piece cranks and disc brakes.

If you have the space in your garage, this is a must own bike for cruising around town or the beach. It’s like a beach cruiser but less boring.

As with most novelty bikes, the swing bike turns heads. When someone sees this for the first time they think they’re hallucinating. It doesn’t even look like it would be possible to ride.


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