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This is our idea of shopping – Downmall 2017

What do Eastern European mountain bikers do when the slopes are covered in snow and completely un-rideable?

Surely the answer is Megavalanche….erm well yes apart from that?

The other answer is Downmall. A series of three indoor downhill events raced around shopping malls in Europe.  This years series stops at Frankfurt, Budapest and Prague.  The footage above (and below) is taken from the Frankfurt round.

We reckon it is pretty cool and that they should try it here in the UK.

The course doesn’t look particularly long, but it is tight and slippy and the atmosphere (at the top at least) is pretty awesome.

It also means that whilst you are off riding you significant someone (if they are not into riding) can pop off and try some shopping or go to the’s win , win!

Here is a POV of the event;


If you are looking for some other indoor type cycling events then why not have a look at, Garage Bike Racing.



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