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Top 9 MTB fails and one BMX

So we found this on youtube today it’s a compilation of MTB fails from Fabio Wibmer (an Austrian Street Trials rider).

The idea is quite clever he gets Average Joes (like you and us) to send him their fail videos and then cuts them into top10 mountain bike fails videos.  It then increases the subscriber rate for his channel and means that the chance of his rider videos getting more views goes up (we think it is genius).

The only issue we have found is that this compilation of 10 mountain bike fails only actually contains 9 mountain bike fails and one BMX one.

Some of them look pretty gruesome (no blood though) but we assume that all the riders were ok, otherwise why would they send in the video.

If you guys have any cool bike riding fails (please only pics and vids where the rider didn’t get permanently injured) then send them to us and we will make a gallery for you guys to share.

As ever you can send your stuff to or post them on social media using #twbpic and we will pick them up.

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