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Walmart Huffy mountain bike on a double black run.

Here at the mother ship (shed) we believe that there is  no such thing as a bad bike (controversial we know) so let us put that in context.  Some bikes are not as well made as others and given the choice and an unlimited amount of money we would choose to shop at the sharp end of the market but if you are riding then it’s better than not riding.

If $179 is all you can afford (and that is a lot of money for some people) then you should get the best bike you can.

Here Phil Kmetz (who runs a great youtube channel skillswithphil) takes a Walmart Huffy (now only $149 here) and beats it to within an inch of its life on a proper double black run.  The start is a little slow but it’s worth a watch as about half way in the brakes fail and the bars bend and he decides to keep on riding.

This is the bike in question;


Looks the part but then so does cheese in a can!

And here is how it is described by those lovely people at WalMart;

The Huffy Carnage Bike is the right size for any rider. 3.0 Bikes with Plus Tires offer more stability, better traction and increased rolling momentum. The Huffy Carnage 27.5″ Bike index shifting works with the Shimano rear derailleur for consistent performance. Alloy linear pull brakes mean you have solid control when you stop. The padded saddle is designed for comfort, plus the quick-release binder makes it easy to adjust or remove the saddle anytime. It combines a smooth ride with great performance. The three-piece crank adds durability while the lightweight, weather-resistant alloy rims perform well in all conditions. Huffy 3.0 Mountain Bike. More momentum. Less exertion. Better traction. Solid ride.

If you are interested in any more of Phil’s Videos then you should watch;

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