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What it takes Jo Burt to actually draw Mint Sauce

We love Mint Sauce here at Two Wheels Better and not just because we occasionally work with it’s creator Jo Burt but because the cartoon is synonymous with UK mountain biking and one of the few heritage brands that hasn’t sold out or folded.

So what does it actually take Jo Burt to draw Mint Sauce

  • Two sheets of Daler A3
  • 1 Rotring propelling pencil (the same one that’s sketched out every Mint Sauce cartoon in fact)
  • 3 Rotring pens
  • 9 paint brushes
  • 14 different colours of acrylic paint
  • some Liquid Latex – not just for Jo’s special pants
  • too much Process White
  • Over a fiver in postage

The important extra’s

  • 12 day’s work
  • 24 coffees
  • 42 cups of tea
  • some biscuits
  • 7 bike rides
  • 3 new CDs
  • One cat.

So if you fancy drawing one you are now properly prepared or you could just pickup a copy of MBUK and get a free one every month. If you can’t afford a copy then a kind fan of Jo’s uploads a lot of his strips here (with Jo’s kind permission)

Incidentally there are three other interesting facts about Jo, that you probably don’t know.

  1. He can turn almost anything into a knob gag.
  2. He has a very interesting instagram account (here)
  3. He is the co-inventor of hire bike pump track pursuit (which we believe will feature in the next cycling world cup)

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